Our Food

Freshly prepared using quality, natural ingredients


Food at outdoor owls

Food is cooked and prepared by a talented chef who has plenty of experience in creating children’s meals. Food provided is balanced, nutritious and healthy - our teachers enjoy tucking into these too.

We aim to provide at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day to encourage children to adopt healthy habits. Weather dependent, we also ensure we provide fitting foods and drinks. In colder weather soups are often a favourite and we may even cook some food around the campfire, supervised by our qualified Forest School staff. We also encourage the making of homemade teas. In summers extra cool water is available and healthy, homemade ice lollies.

We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner including morning and afternoon snacks. Breakfast and dinner are provided at our indoor setting and the rest at our outdoor setting.

Meal Times
Breakfast: 7:45am - 8:15am
Morning snack
Lunch: Around 11:30am
Afternoon snack
Dinner: 4:30pm

We are fully accommodating of all diets and special requirements. We endeavour to source ingredients locally whenever possible.