Our Clothing



There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! So we've teamed up with Didriksons - one of the leading manufactures of outdoor wear to offer all children at Outdoor Owls a high quality pack for all weather at a very low costs.

And recognising that the last thing the planet needs is endless textile production we encourage sharing with next generation.

Appropriate outerwear is very important for your child's safety and wellbeing and it is important that you ensure they are dressed for the season.


In the colder months (usually October - March) they must arrive with a thermal or woolen long pants and top, a warm fleece sweater, hat, gloves and thermal waterproof boots.


For the summer months shorts and a t-shirt and closed end shoes. You should always apply sunscreen at home although we will top up (please provide your own sunscreen if you have special requirements).