I started Outdoor Owls as a passion project. As a soon-to-be mother I wanted to create a nursery that I would be excited to put my own child into. I also felt that a lot can be done to enrich a child’s day and give them better memories from nature, even if they live in a busy city like London. Hopefully this will benefit more parents looking for a contemporary education for their child.


nursery manager

We have a fully qualified and Forest School trained manager who has several years of experience running outdoor nurseries in the UK. He is very passionate about the early years and taking children outdoors, “because you just see them thrive”.

accounts expert


Our accounts person is fully experienced with working in nurseries and ensures a smooth experience for our parents.



Lindsey is an experienced nursery owner and has established two successful nurseries and preschools. After having sold both a few years ago she decided to fuel her expertise into Outdoor Owls: “I love the holistic focus and the innovative view Outdoor Owls has on education.”


Peter is a professor of outdoor learning at the University of Copenhagen and a big believer in research to practice. Peter has helped shape the educational aspects of Outdoor Owls and has vast knowledge researching the evidence behind outdoor learning.