Our Learning Philosophy

Let’s shift from
school-readiness to life-readiness

We AIM to enable your child to be healthy, happy and to flourish

We believe in taking a well-balanced and considered approach to learning. We want your child to build resilience and develop a broad range of skills. This is to prepare them not only for school but also for life. We believe the outdoors is the best place to achieve this, after all it is the perfect place to have fun and build childhood memories.

When our wise little ones leave us they are fully equipped with creativity and social intelligence. They will not just be problem-solvers but have problem-identifying skills needed in the world of tomorrow.


Six roots for flourishing

Our holistic approach focuses on supporting the growth of your child’s body, mind, and soul using the outdoors as our nature-led, wall-less learning ground.



The body is crucial for health and is a dynamic vessel for early years learning.

Children learn primarily via movement and sensation. Only when feeling comfortable in their body are they receptive to learning. Being outdoors means plenty of exercise and strength building as well as creating healthy, long-lasting habits for future growth.



Equal emphasis is placed on mental development and building resilience.

Our focus is to support children in ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think so they become problem-identifiers and solution-finders. The outdoors is a natural spark for curiousity. The changing seasons provide easy cognitive stimulation, especially for speech, language and general intellect.



We focus on promoting wellbeing and positive social skills to develop character.

Formulating a sense of self is key, along with building character and values for lifelong guidance in life. We create time to slow down and connect with our inner-self through breathing, mindfulness and yoga. By cultivating their conscience calmness and kindess naturally develop.



Our green, wall-less classroom is a mini adventure set up for fun and exploration.

Safe in nature children are free to play and discover while getting hands-on and dirty. Immersed in wildlife there is a fascination and understanding of nature and living things. We hope this experience encourages children to become caring, future stewards of our planet.



We believe first-hand experiences are the best way to understand the world.

Doing things first-hand is a more powerful method than listening to what you are told, or see on screens. By visiting our local community and getting involved, we create memories for life. A diverse understanding of the world is important too and we celebrate all different kinds of events.



Every child has a creative spirit to unleash through many different mediums.

Whether through drawing, dancing, role-play or other these mediums are a great way for children to develop thoughts, ideas and conceptualise in a ever more complex world. Participating in arts, crafts and assembly helps grow life-long passions and even future life skills.