What are your opening hours?

7:45am to 6pm (Monday - Friday)

How do I sign up

To begin signing up please register your interest here

What's the minimum amount of days per week required for sign up

So we can give all of our children the best preparation for life it's crucial their keyworker gets to know them and for them to be familiar with our environment, rhythms and routines. We therefore have a minimum attendance of two days per week

Can I come and visit?

If you're interested in coming to visit to see what a day is like, please register your interest here and note your desire to come for an open day. We'll send you information about upcoming opportunities.

Isn't it too cold for children to be outsite in cold and rain, and what happens when the weather is really bad?

As the Danish saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes”. We’ve teamed up with Didriksons and all our Outdoor Owls are equipped with proper clothing for the outdoors, come rain or shine. When there are high winds and it is stormy we will stay indoors.

I love the idea but has this been done before?

Yes. Outside of the UK in the Nordic countries, this approach to taking children out in nature is common. For many years, nurseries like ours have been running successfully, developing children, teaching them to problem-identify and problem-solve, think creatively and take measured risks in a safe environment.

How does toileting work?

We have a designated nappy changing area for those still in nappies, with our toilet tents and also our indoor setting. We provide nappies but should you wish to bring your own, our staff will use these. All nappies are disposed of appropriately.

If there is an accident outside what happens?

In case of an accident we follow our procedures which have been approved. All staff are qualified in pediatric first aid training and will attend to medical situations, either contacting parents or emergency services first depending on the situation.

Research shows that in fact there are less injuries than in indoor nurseries as children are developing their abilty to risk-assess better.

Is it completely safe for children to be out in nature?

Obviously the outdoors is slightly unpredictable, but we take health and safety seriously. Before any adventures begin, each day our qualified outdoor staff perform a daily health and safety check of the base camp to confirm it is safe for the day’s activities. We always put children’s safety first.

Can my child nap outside if they need?

Absolutely. We have special nap tents which are safe and visible of staff for children still sleeping during the day, or who just wish to take a short nap. During colder days we do extra to keep them warm.

Where can I park for drop-off and pickup?

We recommend when possible to take public transport or walking when dropping and picking up at our indoor setting. At our outdoor setting there is usually some available spots close by on River Lane.

My question isn't here...

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at hello@outdoorowls.co.uk. We would love to hear from you too!