Community Visits

real hands-on experiences

To give your child the best experience for fun and learning, we are endeavour to provide first-hand activities.

Around our local community we’ve teamed up with some great neighbours and projects to get your child active. Below are just some examples of places we visit but there are other amazing places too including the fire station, bakery, Ham Library, Petersham Flower Nursery and more.


Elderly home

There’s a lot of great stories of the elderly and young connecting for the benefits of each other. Our children have the opportunity to visit a local care home and engage in scheduled activities.


ham house and garden

Situated just 10 minutes away from our outdoor basecamp we visit this National Trust site. Children get to explore the grounds of this 17th century site brimming with history and nature. If it’s potato planting season we even get stuck in to help churn the soil.


We are lucky to have some horses and cows in their natural habitat next to us. On occasions we may also have other friendly creatures come and visit us including rabbits, guinea pigs and our familiar cavapoo dog called, Jimmy.