A Day at Richmond

Whilst we have familiar rhythms and routines which are important for children to learn and develop, no one day is exactly the same adventure at Outdoor Owls. Whether on route to our nature basecamp, or at our outdoor setting itself, because of the ever changing seasons there is always something new to absorb and experience.


7:45 - 8:30 am: Arrival & breakfast

Our teachers are there to welcome you to hear about any important considerations concerning your child for the day. Children settle in to have a nutritious, healthy breakfast until 8:15am. You need to drop off before 8:30am otherwise you can drop off at our green space. We all prepare and dress ready for heading outdoors.


8:45 am: Nature walk to outdoor basecamp

We begin the day with a walk through nature to our outdoor basecamp next to Petersham Lodge Woods. Time to exercise and pay attention to surroundings. Usually we’ll spot some of our friendly cows in the neighbouring field and other animals along the way!


9:30am: morning play & learning

Children settle at our basecamp and are ready to explore in safe surroundings, taking lead in what they would like to do. Communicating and cooperating together children team up for den building, climbing, stick writing, swinging, digging, mud play, bug hunts, reading, role-play and much much more. The day’s events depends on wherever the children’s imagination and curiousity takes them, and our expert teachers ensure a safe environment for play, fun and learning.


11:30am: lunch

Time to gather around and eat our lovely freshly prepared meal. Children and teachers eat together and this is a great way for children to pick up good eating habits from one another and from our teachers.


12:15 - 3:30pm: Afternoon play & learning

More adventures and play. For children wanting to take a nap, they can in our cosy tent for napping. We may also decide to go to visit the local stables, playground, library, supermarket or other adventures depending on the children’s desires and enthusiasm. Our teachers are ready for anything. We also provide children with an afternoon snack.


3:30 - 6pm: back to indoor setting for dinner & collection

Time to leave our outdoor basecamp for the day and return back to our indoor setting. Here we reflect on what happened in the day and sometimes do some stretches, breathing and mindfulness exercises. Dinner is served at 4:30pm and you are able to collect your child before 6pm.